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                ABOUT US





                Zhangzhou Mingniao Electronic Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional research and production of various forms of electric door opener and inverter welding machine high-tech enterprises. The company was founded in 2000, the existing equipment is excellent, the technical force is abundant, has the strong mechanical processing ability and the microcomputer control system design ability, can support the mechatronics function for the general user in time. The inverter welder designed and developed by our company adopts advanced inverter power source technology and imported IGBT module. The inverter frequency can reach 20kHz, the dynamic response speed is faster, the function is perfect, the performance is excellent, and the welder has high reliability. It can meet the requirements of high-quality welding and is a reliable welding equipment for users. Your need is our pursuit! The company diligently maintains the brand, develops the market honestly, pursues the perfect function with the meticulous design, the accurate manufacture guarantees the product quality, develops the market with the sincere service attitude, strives for the survival with the quality With the aim of quality and development, our products are sold all over the country and exported all over the world.